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EEM Export of user

Question asked by micah.garsidewhite on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Brian_Mathato

We are using the EEM internal Data Store for user authentication for a large scale Service Management environment (SDM, ITAM, & SC).


I have an ongoing issue with authentication where the CA_Contact userid is similar to the EEM username, but doesn't match case exactly.  We have been able to manually mitigate the issue by modifying the CA_Contact record userid to match case.  To accomplish this task globally, I need a way of exporting ALL of the usernames in the internal EEM Data Store in to a list that can be loaded into a table in a database.  From there, We can use SQL to match the usenames when both are cast to lowercase and use that condition to update the userid with the EEM username.


Please tell me the steps to dump just the username for all accounts in the EEM internal data store.