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Assertion for checking a context variable for whitespace only

Question asked by RobC2015 on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by RobC2015

Hi All,


I'd like to have an assertion check a context variable for white spaces only. Currently, I am not able to find an assertion that can let me know if a context variable contains just white spaces.


I thought maybe a Compare Variable assertion with a regular expression rule would work, but I am not able to come up with the correct regex to use for checking for just white spaces.


I am thinking something equivalent to the following in Java: String.trim().length() == 0


I am thinking this should be simple and I am just missing something, but I've tried many different Compare Variable combinations and just can't come up with one that works. Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance.


-Rob C.