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attachment uploading issue from analyst role

Question asked by La-Qa on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Naveen_Desham

Hello SD Experts



I am facing attachment issue while uploading in tickets.i have attached screenshot.



i have 5 tenants in sdm, 2 tenants were using sdm from past 2 year and no issue with attachment,i  just expanded it to 4 more tenants and from those tenants i m facing attachment uploading issue, i just created repository tenants in administration>attachments to upload documents by selecting respective repository from attachment window in ticket.

by default repository i.e servicedesk, these 4 new tenants not able to work on attachment uploading while old 2 tenants are working fine with default  servicedesk repository.



The repository which i created works on for employee role only, means only user which has employe role can attach docmnts successfulyy, but analyst cant attache file and got error whihc i attached here.



please tell what should i doo that it will work for analyst role also,





repositry error.PNG