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getting the database schema scripts before having a DB

Question asked by pivst01 Employee on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by SurendranathKS

Hi All,


could somebody send me the scripts to install CapMan DB manually? or let me know where to get them, if we need to manually install the DB before installing CapMan?


if i choose custom type installation/database scripts&database schema i need to specify the DB connection information in the next step (that i dont have as i need to manually install the DB at first [it's our customer's request] and it fails, if i put just nonexisting information.


i found this information in the guideline, but couldnt get it in any way as it seems to be as no way to run the installation without specifying the DB:


"You can optionally choose to have the installer generate the
database scripts without running them. You might want to do this if
you want to examine the scripts before they are run or if you have
created a test database which you would like to drop and then


thank you,