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SDM 14.1, cum#1. Secondary Server, Upload, Download Attachments

Question asked by veiba01 Employee on May 11, 2015
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Hi Team,

at customer site I have the following situation. Internet user log in via https://***.yy and are redirected tot he secondary server.
All requests to the primary, for example editing an incident is done with the URL https://***.yy/CAisd...
The internal user work via http://primary:8080/CAisd...
The Attachment Repository is located on the primary under site/attachments/...
It has to be implemented, that if an Internetuser is logged in, the up- or download of Attachments is done with the URL https://primary:8443/CAisd/UploadServlet
Internal users must use the URL http://primary:8443/CAisd/UploadServlet.
Is it possible to define the access to one repository using http as well as https?