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Currency error - TRL

Question asked by matej256 on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Vit_Posel

Hi All,


Have you ever met with this error?



We cannot create project with TRL (Turkish Lyra) currency. I remember I had similar problem with MXN (Mexico) currency in Cost plans and we've found it was a bug in Clarity.


I'd like to note that we have everything set as should like for all other currencies. It means: OBS, Departments, Locations, Entities, Currencies, Exchange rates... .all are in.

But still this error appears. I've checked this in Clarity sandbox ( and there is pretty the same error "INV-0008" when tried to change currency (under FInancials) from USD to TRL. But I assume it's due to fact there is only USD currency set up. However in our Clarity there is also TRL currency set up but this error comes.


I'd like to point also the second note. This error happens only when creating project via "New from template". When creating over only "New", everything is OK. Only difference between those 2 ways is in these 2 fields (means creating via "New from Template" have these fields - IT'S NOT working. Creating via "New" button does't have those fields - IT'S working).



Do you have any ideas? Your help is very appreciated. Thanks!