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Validating large deployments

Question asked by james.kimber on May 11, 2015
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We have a large Data Minder deployment running exchange agent with interactive warnings with over 100 PEs.
The agents and PEs are currently installed manually, which results in a few manual errors.
Ok, at this volume maybe at this volume we should be looking at automating the process.

However, first things first...
We need a way of being able to validate the installation and check that the various registry keys have been correctly set.

The CA way to do this is WgnCheck...

This is ok in a small environment, but totally impractical with such a large deployment.

...First you have to run the wgnchecks on each machine (Manual process prone to error)
...then you have to gather then up and pick your way through them
...if you are not totally exhausted at the end of 99 Wgnchecks, you might just spot a tiny typo/space in a registry key that throws your deployment!


This is just not practical... I need at least a semi automated way to do this.


Initially we need to know the following:

a) Registry settings - of particular importance to us right now are:

  • EnableIntegration
  • EnableInterativeWarnings
  • EnterprizeDNSList
  • IntercomIPAddress

b) List of Installed HFs


My initial thoughts were to write a powershell script that iterates through a simple csv list of machines, which then dumps out an xml report listing off the relevant registry setting in a suitable format that I could easily spot any discrepancies.

Before I dive into this, has anyone done anything similar before or have any recommendations?