CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Resources with or without Availability

Discussion created by Kathryn_Ellis Employee on May 12, 2015
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Which resources can have 'availability' and how does that impact the usage of the application?

Here are the possible types of resources and roles that can be configured in the system.

If a non-labor resource has zero availability, then when the resource or role is added to an investment team, there will be zero allocations and zero ETC.

Expense Resources and Roles will always have zero availability. 

It is not possible to configure an Expense resource or role with availability. 

You do not use Expenses for tracking work effort or hours.

However, Equipment and Material and Labor Resources all can have zero or non-zero availability. 

These types of resources can be scheduled within the investment for performing work or in the case of Equipment or Materials, can be scheduled for hours of usage.


In the screenshot below, I have created Non-Labor Resources and all types of Roles with specific, descriptive names so that you can see an example of team members with or without Availability and the impact to Allocations and ETC. 

The 'Availability' field is found on the Resource, General Properties page for Labor, Equipment and Material resources and roles. 

You won't see this field for Expense resources and roles.

Labor Resources must have availability greater than zero.

For zero demand, when adding Labor Resources to Investment Teams, set the Allocation percentage to zero and task assignments will then not have any ETC amounts.

If you don't want a specific Labor Resource to show up with any capacity, you can create a non-standard calendar with all non-working days.

The Allocation and ETC values are also impacted by the Resource's availability within their associated calendar.  Therefore, even if the Resource has a non-zero Availability setting, and when the Resource is added to the Team or a Task, the actual amount of Allocation or ETC that is computed is dependent on the Resource's calendar availability and the Resource's Hire and Termination Dates.


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