Tuesday Tip - CA Mobile App Analytics (MAA):  How do I change the default URLs provided in the .plist file or URLs utilized when wrapping an android application (on premise installation).

Discussion created by gonvi05 Employee on May 12, 2015

CA Mobile Application Analytics (MAA) Tuesday Tip by Victor Gonzalez, Sr Principal Consultant for Tuesday, May 12th, 2015. 

After installation of the CA Mobile App Analytics components, you may want to change a few of the default URLs provided.  For example...the base URL or profile URL for the CA MAA Data Collector / App Profile that is inserted into the generated .plist.  This becomes even more important when wrapping an Android App because there isn't a way to change this after the application has been wrapped. 

This is a very important step in ensuring an instrumented app running on an end users device can reach the CA MAA Data Collector as well as download a Data Collection Profile.  In many cases you may have to switch from utilizing a short name to a fully qualified domain name. 

Manually changing the .plist file is easy enough.  Just a matter of downloading the .plist file and updating the highlighted fields (screenshot below):


Manually changing these could be a bit of a hassle for someone that doesn't know if the right URLs are being provided.  So ensuring the right one is provided by default can be accomplished by updating a few fields in one of the CA MAA Databases.  Once connected to either Oracle or Microsoft SQL, update the following tables:

     UPDATE arcmnconfig SET PARAMVALUE = 'http://FQDN:9080/mdo/collector/v1' WHERE PARAMNAME = 'MDO.CollectorURL';

     UPDATE arcmnconfig SET PARAMVALUE = 'http://FQDN:9080/mdo/collector/v1' WHERE PARAMNAME = 'MDO.CollectorURL.Internal';

     UPDATE arcmnconfig SET PARAMVALUE = 'http://FQDN:8080/mdo/v1' WHERE PARAMNAME = 'MDO.ReadServerURL’;

In most cases utilizing the FQDN will yield the best results.  I would manually test these before modifying to ensure you are providing the right values.