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SDM Create Object Attr Values

Question asked by sdteam-odya on May 14, 2015
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I m sending variables to SDM SOAP operator. Im using  "Create Object"  webservice method how can I send attrvals variable to this method. ?


<CreateObject xmlns="">

<SID>SID__</SID> //Session id as Process.SessionID  that is OK

<ObjectType>ObjectType__</ObjectType>// Object type as ..... (we create an object) as Process.ObjectType(string)


<string>string__</string> //This is NOT OK. I want to send --> new_value="test"  (new_value is name of object and "test" is value of object) 







I tried to write like this


or like this:



I got this error:


The interpreted datatype of the value in value does not match the destination datatype.


Can you please help?