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R12.52 jboss agent on Redhat machine.

Question asked by rajamannar.udayanan.contractor on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Patrick-Dussault

I have been trying to install R12.52 jboss agent on Redhat 6 machine. The installation went fine but getting Host registration failed.Handshake failure error. Tried updating the unlimited JCE version but still no luck


Failed to handshake with Policy Server .

Registration has failed.

[1370/4031904656][Thu May 14 2015 10:38:17][CServer.cpp:1948][ERROR][sm-Tunnel-00010] Bad security handshake attempt. Handshake error: 3152

[1370/4031904656][Thu May 14 2015 10:38:17][CServer.cpp:1955][ERROR][sm-Tunnel-00030] Handshake error: Failed to receive client hello. Socket error 104

[1370/4031904656][Thu May 14 2015 10:38:17][CServer.cpp:2121][ERROR][sm-Server-01070] Failed handshake with ::ffff: