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GovernanceMinder - Cascade campaigns

Question asked by satya-td on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by satya-td

Hi Team,



I am looking for a possible solution for the below requirements, Please
suggest how to achieve this.



We have two campaigns



  1. Data owner campaigns (Resources or application certifications by
    respective administrators)
  2. Manager campaign ( User manager will certify entitlement of their reportee’s)





We will start with Data owner campaign first where data owners will approve
or reject user access to their respective applications.



Once this campaign is completed then we want to start the Manager campaign,



In the manager campaign we want to highlight all those users who were
rejected by administrators during Data owner campaign as a violation.



So if a manager approves these users he will enter a comment to raise a
security exception.



Can some help me with how can we feed the data owner campaign attestations
into User manager campaign which can show violations if there are any?



Thanks & Regards,