Tuesday TIP: What is database monitoring daemon, is there a way to start/stop monitoring a specific table?

Discussion created by Raghu.Rudraraju Employee on May 19, 2015
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The Database Monitoring daemon (dbmonitor_nxd) provides a mechanism to allow CA SDM cache of specific database tables to be refreshed when changes are made externally from CA SDM..   Starting 14.1 release, this program also supports a command line option to allow users to start and stop the monitoring of specified tables.


Syntax: dbmonitor_nxd  -c <command> -t <tables>

    • <command>
      Enter start or stop.
    • <tables>
      Specifies a table name or a comma delimited list of table names that must match one or more of the tables specified in the NX_DBMONITOR_TABLES environment variable.


Additional details about how the command behaves is documented on our wiki - https://wiki.ca.com/display/CASM1401/dbmonitor_nxd--Database+Monitoring+Daemon