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Universe Duration field

Question asked by Gutis Champion on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Gutis

There is undocumented feature in CA SDM universe that allows to easily convert seconds that are stored in database to convert to hh:mm:ss format. All you need to do is change attribute type to character.


WEBI report output:


The problem arises when duration hit 100 hours limit, instead of 100:00:01 WEBI report will display **:00:01



We opened support case, but support said that by design for duration fields number of seconds shall be displayed in report. And to be able to have this functionality working properly we need to open enhancement request (strange approach from my point of view). Before doing that i would to ask if anyone is aware how to solve this problem.


I know that there is alternative way to have hh:mm:ss format in webi report, but i don't think it is suitable for business users.

Advanced Reporting 201: Displaying duration as 00:00:00 time format