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Need help with Timesheet Validation and custom fields set up

Question asked by clarity_clarity on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by clarity_clarity

In our Organization we are implementing time sheets and as part of that we are using User value lookup1 and user value lookup2 values for custom values. Can some one help me with the below questions?


1) I created a dynamic lookup for user lookup 1. I also want to create a dynamic query for lookup2 also. Is it possible?

2) How to make user lookup1 and lookup2 values as a required fields when user is submitting time sheets?

3) Also we are using both PM and RM approvals for time sheets. PM should be able to see only their line item after receiving action item  and approving that. This is all done. But problem is how can PM delegate the same to the another PM. My process is sending an action item to delegated PM, but delegated PM is not able to see anything on timecard. What should be done to enable a delegated person to see the original PM only line item?


Please help me