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How is the resource partition field  value achieved?

Question asked by urmas on May 20, 2015
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Having just established how partition configuration defines which view and data is used for displaying the resource properties view in the application


Resource edit properties view cannot be modified


I am wondering How is the resource partition field  value achieved?

When creating a new user/resource the partition is not a field in the create views as far as I can recall.

In the user properties the partition data is read only and you have to go through the partitions and the membership pages for direct user membership or it may be inherited through group memberships or OBS associations.

In practice that means that multiple memberships are possible as per design.


Now I should like to know which one if any of these goes into the resource properties (ODF_CA_RESOURCE.PARTITION_CODE) or is t hat NIKU.root by default until expressly changed in resource properties (or in the list view) or is the more than that to it?