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How to send a Notification if the Group changes, but NOT when the Assignee only changes, within Service Desk Manager

Question asked by Kyle_R Employee on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by Kyle_R

Hello Everyone,


Reaching out for suggestions on the following query I received. I'm a bit stumped, so thought I'd try here for input!



* Send a Notification if the ticket's "Group" changes.

* Do NOT send a Notification if the ticket's "Assignee" changes "within Group." (That is, new Assignee, but the Group stays the same.)




We have a requirement to limit transfer notifications for one client where they are assigning from within the same group to an individual within that group.


Current behaviour: When a ticket is transferred to a new group or to a new assignee (including within the same group) a notification is sent advising of the transfer.


Desired behaviour: Transfer notification will be sent when a ticket is transferred to a new group or a new group and assignee, but will not be sent if the transfer updates the Assignee only.


We have experimented with different options within the condition macros and have not yet been able to get the desired outcome.


Requesting assistance / guidance on whether the desired outcome is possible and can be achieved with a site defined condition - or requires a custom build Spel condition.


Any ideas on how this could be achieved "within system?"

Or with customisation, if necessary.

The catch is that the standard "Transfer" Notification will pick up on both Group and Assignee. But we only want to check for one in this case.

Thanks, Kyle_R.