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Does Registry need an Enterprise Dashboard available every time it starts?

Question asked by RichieB on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by sdetweil2

I'm currently configuring our new AWS servers, with DevTest v8.0.2.


All our servers are automatically started at 0800 each day and shutdown at 1800, as they only need to be available when we are (at the moment). We have 1 server with Enterprise Dashboard, Registry and Portal, and 1 server with VSE.


When I spoke to CA I was told that a Registry needs to register with the EDashboard the very first time it starts up, but then afterwards it will connect once an hour to upload data - and that if it can't connect to the EDashboard, it will store the data until it can connect.


What I want to do is to have the EDashboard running on it's own small server, which is available for maybe 2 hours a day. It has it's own 500GB database stored in RDS, so I just want to use a small server to run the service, as this will free up memory on the Registry/Portal server, and be very cheap to run. During these 2 hours, the Registry will connect and upload today's data. This will also separate the EDashboard from our image, so we can have an image with just Portal & Registry in meaning we can easily create new servers for the same services without much reconfiguration. We'll only ever need 1 EDashboard, but will potentially need multiple Portals/Registries, so we should have a repeatable build for those.


Does the EDashboard service need to be running when the Registry starts up, or just at some point whilst the Registry is running? The Registry already has an entry on the EDashboard.