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Monitoring Clarity Application

Question asked by DhruvClarity on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by kevplx



       We are trying to evaluate different monitoring tools, and 1 of the tool is AppDynamics.


       We are able to configure all the setup, except EUM - End user monitoring which requires AppDynamics JS file to be uploaded in Clarity home folder and then the same script needs to be called from Clarity main JS file. Name of the script is adrum.js


       Eg:<script>window['adrum-start-time'] = new Date().getTime();</script><script src="/adrum.js"></script>


       This is will help to simulate end user movement and this script will capture and show the data.

       We uploaded this file under "/clarityhomr/webroot/ui/uif/js", but we are not aware how to call this adrum.js file, or how to trigger the same.

       If anyone has some inputs on the same, or anything related to how to invoke a custom js file...that would be helpful.