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Virtualize the client and make it available to revceive the response

Question asked by RA.A on May 20, 2015
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I have a requirement where I need to virtualize the application which is a client and generates a request. Let me put in some more details.


As per landscape app A initiates the request (client) and app B needs to provide the response. I have a clear concept if I virtualize the server application (here its B) but I need to virtualize A.


  1. Need to invoke virtualized client A so that it can send request to destination system B.
  2. System B processed the data and it may take some time to process the data ,ex: 2 hrs
  3. Now virtual A should be available to accept the response and do nothing with it.


I can create LISA test step and make my client and send the data to system B but it is a manual invoke to run every time. But when system B is ready with response and send response (in some topic/queue), I can create a listener and consume the data.


Can anyone please help me to design the approach for this scenario and how we can use virtualization here and ready with a good solution.




Appreciate any help in this regards.