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Problem: Custom Operator - Must be JavaScript function Call

Question asked by lmcpherson on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by lmcpherson

Hi CA Community


After working with the Custom Operators (Copy from LDAP Get_user) I'm encountering an issue, the issue is that when I try to update the "onChange" of an added form element, it gives me the "Must be JavaScript function call" what is odd is that it, itself already uses a similar construct in it's LDAPGetAttributesType. OnClick


This field contains the code:

var isArray = ca_fdIsSelectedCheckBox('Operator','Operator.LDAPGetAttributesType');if (isArray){var filterVal=ca_fdGetTextFieldValue('Operator','Operator.LDAPGetFilter');ca_fdEnableField('Operator', 'Operator.LDAPGetAttributesArray');ca_fdDisableField('Operator', 'Operator.LDAPGetAttributes');if (filterVal == null||filterVal==undefined||filterVal==''){ca_fdSetTextFieldValue('Operator','Operator.LDAPGetFilter','"(&(|(objectclass=user)(objectclass=person))(!(objectclass=computer)))"');}}else {ca_fdDisableField('Operator', 'Operator.LDAPGetAttributesArray');ca_fdEnableField('Operator', 'Operator.LDAPGetAttributes');}

And it's working, but if I try to change it, it tells me it' constains errors and that it also "must be a JavaScript function Call"...

Why - if this is wrong, why can't I change it as well?

I added a new "Select" and it's "onChange" I tried to add the above code this happens.


Why is it faulting?, how can I get around it?, is there a way to get around it? why does it "sorta" work one place, but not the other, it's illogical and quite annoying.


Best Regards