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How many concurrent xog calls CA PPM support?

Question asked by Maddineni on May 22, 2015
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We are in the assessment process of implementing the Clarity Excel Interface to update the Resource Allocations. We are anticipating somewhere 60-75 no.of Project Managers will be using this utility.


One thing I'm not sure prior to implement this is - As this Utility surely use XOG calls to update the data , let's say 10-20 managers are trying to update the data concurrently with 1MB -MB size file( FYI - obviously each and every manager will be updating different set of resources data only)


1. Any performance impact on Clarity Application?

2. Any possibility these concurrent xog calls end up in dead lock and bring the Application down?


I tried to search the XOG documentation / Internet to find out what's the System allowed maximum no.of concurrent XOG transactions.


If anyone has any idea / has experience related to max no.of concurrent xog calls, please provide your inputs/ comments.


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