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Is anyone able to load MIBs in the Self-Certification of the snmpcollector version 2.11 probe?

Question asked by MichaelJohnson77140583 on May 22, 2015

We are using the latest version of the snmpcollector probe and are trying to use the Self-Certification section to load MIBs for devices that are not currently supported but we are unable to load anything but the SNMPv2-SMI mib file.

Any other MIBs we try to load give errors about the "MODULE-IDENTITY" of the SNMPv2-SMI mib. We even unloaded all of the MIBs and it seems to still show the same errors referring to the SNMPv2-SMI mib.


We have an open Support Case but we wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues or if anyone has been able to successfully use the Self-Certification of the snmpcollector probe.


any help would be greatly appreciated.