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Copy Portfolio Plan

Question asked by EG27 on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by EG27

I seem very odd that a portfolio management tool would not have a simple function to copy a portfolio plan and would require the portfolio manager to start from Scratch and manually re-do everything they did in the previous plan to generate a slight variation of the plan.


Is there any way to copy a portfolio plan including the investment ranking and timing from a previous plan  (I am not talking about re-running the ranking rules, portfolio manager do run the ranking rules, but they perform a lot of change following this (like postponing a project, manually re-ranking some project & moving the waterline)?


It look like the copy option from the portfolio plans page only copy Portfolio Targets and do not take into consideration project ranking/timing of the previous plan. 


If we create a plan and then re-rank investment, move investments in time and adjust the waterline and then if we want to copy this plan to do a slight scenario change like moving up the waterline one or two investment... the copy option do not copy the investment ranking, neither the updated timing of the investments.


Thanks in advance for any recommendation you could have.