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How do I use a < in a where clause?

Question asked by cath.elliott on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by cath.elliott

Hi, I have a issue with a process that updates tickets in CA SDM.  I'm trying to add another condition in the where clause of a doSelect operator to test against a date, for example resolve_date < 1432000080.


Here is the syntax for the variable which is then passed as the where clause dynamic parameter:


Process.SDM_WhereClause = "status = 'RE' AND resolve_date < " + Process.CheckDate


Which doesn't work, however the following does work:


Process.SDM_WhereClause = "status = 'RE' AND resolve_date = " + Process.CheckDate


I think the < needs escaping somehow so its not misinterpreted as being part of a tag.  The Unicenter Service Desk Web Services User Guide does say that a < is a valid comparison operator for a where clause.


Any suggestions welcome