CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Importance of running the Update Business Objects Report Tables Job

Discussion created by Kristin_Schroer Employee on May 26, 2015
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Are you using Business Objects? If so, one of the ways to prevent report issues is to ensure you are running the Update Business Objects Report Tables job at least once per day.  If not, you can run into multiple reporting issues including: reports not showing any data, reflecting recent PPM data changes, or data showing as hours when FTE is expected, etc.

Below are steps on how to run the Update Business Objects Report Tables job:

1.  In PPM, go to Home, then Reports and Jobs.

2.  Next, click on the Jobs tab.

3.  Click on the Update Business Objects Report Tables job.

4.  Check the appropriate check boxes under the Parameters section.

Note: Which options that should be checked under parameters is dependent on the report and parameters being used in the report. For Example, the Update Reporting Calendar option updates the report calendar table. 

5.  Click Submit to generate the job. If the job hasn’t run in a while it may take longer to run. It may also take longer to run at the start of each calendar year.


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