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People picker issues when using Siteminder Agent for SharePoint

Question asked by NiteshKudva1310511 on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Catherine Schuman

We have Siteminder agent for SharePoint 2013 and the authentication part works fine. However the people picker doesn't work as expected with SharePoint. When a user can be granted access only if we search for them using the user identifier claim, if a user is searched by other claims like email, etc, the search provides results however we can't grant access as its a not linked to the user of other claims. Additionally when a user is granted access using people picker after searching by user identifier claims other claim information is not displayed and populated correctly. I think the claims for a user looks like a different identity.


CA support mentioned that this is a limitation with the Siteminder agent for SharePoint, does anyone have a solution, workaround for this issue. The claims provider webservice is very limited and if someone has already done some customization with it please share it.