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I can't conrol files being copied from network location into my host (C:/ and D:/)

Question asked by ANDA_15 on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by waqar.soomro

Hi communities,


I am running an issue for now. I try to capture all events which are in violation of the configured policies.


Using the document classification feature of the CA DATAMINDER  i can capture all events containing some keywords defined into the document classification.


The CFSA can detect files being copied from the local drive to network locations , but it doesn't capture these files when being copied from  the network locations into the local drive (C OR D).


I have tried to include the C and D as removable devices, howerver the issue is still running. I configured this by going to the client common policies and in the "target as removable devices" i include "C:/" and "D:/", but it doesn't function.


Kindly asking for your help


Thanks and best regards