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Change Window for different Timezones

Question asked by ShovanDas on May 29, 2015
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We are implementing Infrastructure Change management Process for our Global HelpDesk System which is actually CA SDM 12.9.


We have geographically distributed Biz Group and among them One Group is from Europe and they operated on GMT whereas our Global Helpdesk is implemented in EST.



Now we have created three Change Windows (one Monthly Maintenance Window that occurs on Friday of Every month with a tenure of 24hrs, One Week end Maintenance Window that occurs on Sunday of each Week with a tenure of 24 hrs and a Global Black Out Window which occurs on 31st Dec of every year). and followed timezone is set with EST. Primarily there is no CI associated with any maintenance windows but may be in future.



So the issue we are facing, if we create any CO, from a client machine which resides on EST and if we schedule CO beyond the Maintenance Window, the alert comes on screen and says it is outside 1 global Maintenance WIndow and it is calculating if we start within Maintenance Window and end beyond the maintenance window, then also message shows up and opposite is also true.

But when we try to open a CO from a Client System for which desktop timezone is set as GMT, that pop never comes. Even we manually try to calculate EST and GMT conversion while logging a CO, then also it doesn't work.



So my query is How CA SDM OTB feature handles this kind of scenario where different end user resides on different time zone? Do we need to create multiple Change Window with specific Time zone for Specific CO raiser? or it does automatically calculates the time and align the Change Window Timezone? or is there a way, we can handle multiple timezone separately?



Please let us know what is the way out?