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autodeploy of service at VSE startup doesn't work.

Question asked by sdetweil2 on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by sdetweil2

I have been working on a docker deployment of the Devtest components, and have had it working in 7.5.2 and 8.0.1 without any problems.

this is built on top of a non-shared installation.


copy the mar file into the vseDeploy/vse_name folder and voila.. works..


to solve another problem I had to rebuild the base using the shared installation model, and now auto deploy doesn't happen.


the same mar files are in the same folders, just nothing happens..


my scripts that use curl to add/start/stop/remove services to/from a VSE continue to work without change.


I cannot see any difference in the file which might cause this change in behavior.


is there some way to debug this issue?