Tech Tip: Changing CCR default max row setting of 10 has no effect.

Discussion created by Jim.Tokarz Employee on May 29, 2015
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Environment: CCR 1.5


Problem: Went into Admin > Global > Default max rows for tables (200 max), updated the value to greater than 10 and recycled IIS did not have any effect.




Here is a procedure that should get the max row setting functioning.  Make a back up of C:\NETQOS directory first before attempting the below.


Required Installers

1. SP1 install:


Core installer. If we wanted, it would be feasible for us to completely stop using the CCR 1.1 installer and since we need to re-apply our style sheets regardless....the current CCR installer is more or less redundant.


2. SP2 Upgrade


Service pack must be applied in conjunction with NPCSetup6.1.194. Additionally, NPCSetup6.1.194 must be applied prior to the NPCUpgrade6.1.205.EXE service pack.


3. CCR1.5 Installer - Once the NPCSetup6.1.194 and NPCUpgrade6.2.205 patches have been applied, the user can re-run the current CCR(1.4) installer to reinstall and all OOTB views will be applied. NOTE: This is a disruptive install and any/all report customizations (which reside in the MYSQL DB) will be overwritten. Additionally, all CSS changes (default & Single Sign on) will revert back to the legacy NetQoS values. However....the process to restore is not a daunting task and can be re-applied with nominal effort.


Files/Folders to re-apply

1. Default CSS - all files/folders/images located in the NetQoS/Portal/Website/Default directory - Includes images

2. Single Sign On - all files/folders/images located in the NetQoS/SingleSignOn directory - including images


Components/Files to re-apply

1. CCR Style Sheets, Images - As a post installation task, all style sheets and images will need to be reapplied. Historically, we simply overwrote the default CSS and image files. As a measure to prevent this moving forward I have packaged up all style sheet changes and recommend we create our own CSS directory (CCR) to prevent CCR specific changes from being overwritten in the future. The user will also have the option to switch between CCR, NPC and CA style sheets.


2. NPC MYSQL database - all files located in the NetQoS/MYSQL/DATA/NETQOSPORTAL directory - Since there is not much historical information stored in the database, the files are relatively small (<10MB) and process to replace is only requires to stop all sessions and the NETQOS MYSQL service, copy the NETQOSPORTAL folder contents over, restart the service and all previous setting (users, menus, scheduled emails) will revert back.


Settings to Adjust

As stated earlier, the upgrade process is disruptive and removes all Data Manager references in the database which will either require the user to re-enter these values or we add as addition tasks in the next (CCR1.5)installer. Setting that will need to be restored include the following:


1. Data Manager Source - the upgrade removes the Data Manager connection set up in the UI. This connection (localhost) will need to be re-established and can be done either through the UI or established through the database.


2. Images referenced in the "Print" and Email functions - These settings revert back and post upgrade reference legacy NetQoS logos and styles. Note....if the user copies the database over, these steps are not required. These settings can be changed/updated by either updating directly via the database or using the hidden Admin console ( http://hostname/npc/default.aspx?page=99614)


UI specific settings

Console Name - (NPC.CONSOLE.NAME) needs to be updated from NetQoS Perforacne Center to CA Capacity Command Center

Email Reply - needs to be updated from NetQoS Performance Center to CA Capacity Command Center

PRINT Image - needs to be updated from NPC.LOGO.png to ca_logo_print.png.