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PAM Form Layout Options

Question asked by JR_Johnson on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by matlo01

Hello PAM Community,


I've been spending a lot of time trying to tweak the user experience for a few user interaction forms in PAM 4.2.2


I'm running into a few major stumbling blocks:


1) My options for configuring the layout seem extremely limited - There does not appear to be a way to assign a columnar layout to a collection of elements, for example, or even to set a fixed width for most form elements.

Has anyone found a way around this? Being able to stack related elements next to each other on the same horizontal line would go a long way towards improving the usability of some of these forms.


2) I haven't been able to identify what style attributes are actually respected by the 'Style' property on the elements - Is there reference documentation of any kind that would list out valid style attributes?


3) There is no 'button' element. There are a number of different validations / operations performed from inside the form that I would like to make an explicit user action, so having a 'button' to click is kind of crucial. I've been working around this by using 'style' attributes on 'Label' elements and then binding functions to their 'onClick' attribute, but I was hoping there might be a better way of doing this - Most especially because I have no way to limit the width of the label element, so every 'button' is as wide as the entire screen.


Has anyone found creative ways around these challenges? Is there some kind of design or style guide documentation out there?