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Instructions: MobileDemo RESTful minimized .js recompile

Question asked by KenTseG4S on Jun 1, 2015

Hi all,


I'm trying to add some additional fields into the mobiledemo RESTful package from the sample.


I followed the remarks statements in the appropriate source code but then noticed and realized that the source .js files are not being used at all.


In fact, it appears the .js libraries being used are 'minimized'.js libraries I assume for performance reasons (strip out all non-code characters)


This would be fine if the minimized .js files were 1-1 with the source .js libraries.


It would appear there are a number of "minimized" .js files that are merged with a number of source .js files.   It's not entirely clear which .js files make up a particular 'merged/minimized'.js code.


It's difficult to read the minimized.js file so I can't really make out which .js files make up a particular minimized one.  Can someone provide a breakdown on which .js files make up a particular 'minimized' .js file for the mobiledemo ?


Also, general instructions on how to merge/minimize .js files would be good too for those that are not versed in how to do that.