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Load Data Warehouse Job Failing at Jaspersoft Domain Update

Question asked by James_Teh Employee on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Allison.nichols

I've set up an instance of Clarity 14.2 with Jaspersoft.


The installation proceeded with no issue:

- Installed PMO Pack on Jasper - can see the ppmjasperadmin users created, as well as all the domains/reports

- Generated/shared the key files

- Create/Update Jaspersoft users job runs successfully

- Can access Advanced Reporting using admin account from Clarity


However when I try to run the Load Data Warehouse job, it is populating the warehouse, but at the end when trying to do Jaspersoft Domain updates, it is failing with the error:

Error occured while processing domain attributes. Could not update attribute align_corporate_key of object inv to domain CSK_APP_Management

I've checked the bg-ca.log too, and no other error message appears in there apart from the above.

align_corporate_key I believe is a stock out-of-the-box attribute

Also tried restarting Clarity and Jaspersoft services, to no avail.


Would appreciate any guidance on the above issue.