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How to deal with incoming serialized messages

Question asked by WF_Clint on Jun 2, 2015

I administer a Lisa 7.52 COE environment that allows teams to build and deploy VSEs to help with their application testing.  Recently there was a middleware change and messages between the middleware layer and one particular back end service providers are now being serialized.  We need to update the VSE to handle the incoming messages that are now serialized.  What is the best way to do this?  


I thought that maybe we could:

1.  add a deserialize step to the VSE flow


2. add a filter or something to read the incoming HTTP headers and set arguments in this step that can be read by the VSI ( the Generic XML Paylod Parser appears to be able to read from meta data and set arguments ).


3.  In the VSI, use the meta-data section of the Request Data instead of Arguments.  Based on vse_matches.log, it appears that the meta-data is available for use.


I'm not sure if these methods are possible, or which would work the best.  If anyone has any experience dealing with incoming serialized message matching, I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.



Clint Couse