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CA LISA Integration with Quality Center ALM

Question asked by BobBrundrett62351981 on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Rick.Brown

I have a quick question. I see bits and pieces of this in the documentation, but I want to make sure I understand this process.

Is there any chance somebody’s got a process drawing hanging around for using LISA while implementing automated testing with HP Quality Center/ALM?


My understanding of the process w/ ALM is that LISA is pretty much used to build the scripts, and that these are imported into the ALM Test Plan.  The execution of these tests can be either:

  1. Executed manually in ALM
  2. Executed via command line with the command QCRunner.exe


Am I correct in assessing that automating the process to run nightly, for example, would require essentially using a scheduling tool (such as Windows Task Scheduler, CA-ESP, or some daemon process) to kick off the QCRunner command line at a scheduled interval as required?