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How to set up disk IO metrics for all disks

Question asked by wbdeford on Jun 3, 2015
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Using the ntperf probe, I can set up disk IO metrics for either all disks in aggregate, or individual disks.  How do I set it up such that it will collect the metric for each disk without specifying them one by one?


   <diskIdleTime> overwrite

      active = yes

      object = LogicalDisk

      counter = % Idle Time

      instance = C:

      message_name = AlarmOnValue

      condition_value = 0

      delta_calculate_all_value_change = yes

      add_instance_to_qos = yes

      delta_message_name = AlarmOnDelta

      value_alarm_clear_name = ClearOnValue

      delta_alarm_clear_name = ClearOnDelta

      not_found_message_name = NoFound