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Why no Support for JMS Durable Subscriptions?

Question asked by Mike1416 on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by ChristopherClark

Does the generic JMS functionality of the CA API Gateway (full-featured edition) have support for durable subscriptions as JMS destinations? It appears not based on our initial poking at version 8.3. This is an odd omission given that this is a standard feature of JMS 1.1, an API that has been defined and in commonplace usage for many many years now and usage only requires specifying a couple of simple parameters when defining a topic destination. Anyway we were planning to leverage topics and durable subscriptions in our use case (we happen to be using Qpid JMS library to achieve AMQP connectivity) but are now stuck unable to access certain topics durably. We could apply a workaround outside the context of the gateway to "stage" the messages of interest in normal queues for consumption by the gateway, but that adds unwanted complexity. Better would be for the gateway to support this standard type of JMS destination. Any chance of that happening in an imminent release?