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Auto schedule rights

Question asked by Stephane_FR on Jun 5, 2015
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Hi everybody,


We are currently testing Clarity v13.3 and I have a strange behavior I don't understand ...

I'm connected with a test user, having project manager rights (including "project - modify" instance right on the test project I'm using).


I can open the project, modify data in the general property pages, and open the Clarity Gantt. There, I can modify task names, resource allocation, resource ETC, etc... BUT the auto-schedule icon stays unavailable (grayed), and when I get back to the Clarity page, the project is NOT locked (so no auto-schedule available I presume)


Have you already encouter this ? Why would Clarity permit to modify the project data, but no lock it when using the Clarity Gantt ? Is there some right I'm missing ?


Thanks in advance for your answers,