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Migration of Calendars in Autosys

Question asked by Sunish_CA on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by webmaster_jim_

Hi, we are in process of migrating from TWS to Autosys and during the analysis phase, I have seen that in TWS box job(schedule in TWS) can have:

1. Multiple calendars,

2. Specific dates mentioned in definition,

3. Relative calendars (Based on one calendars - +1, +3 or -1 or -5 ) eg if we have MONTHLY which runs on 1st of every month in TWS, then in schedule definition if we mention MONTHLY + 1, MONTHLY - 5 etc, then that schedule / box will run on that specific Relative Calendar.


As per my experience, Autosys still doesn't support multiple calendars or multiple run conditions right?


If that is the case so I need to create compile dates for line#2 and 3 and create 1 main calendar having all the dates on which that box needs to run and mention that Main Calendar in box definition

Am I correct?


Also, is there a way by which I can automate Line#3 (relative Calendar) in Autosys, so that I need not to create separate calendars for all these Relative / Offset Calendars, because if I need to create separate calendar for line#3, then the count will be more that actual calendars and takes a lot of human effort during year end activity to update calendars as well.


Below is the example of TWS schedule definition:


Note: Schedule / box will process the run cycle condition and execute the schedule as per runcycle. So here, schedule (XYZ_BKUP) will run on Saturday, on specific dates and as per relative Calendar - MONTHLY+3Days




ON RUNCYCLE INCLUDE 04/14/2012,04/21/2012,06/16/2012,07/27/2013,09/14/2013,01/18/2014,02/15/2014,03/22/2014


EXCEPT RUNCYCLE EXCLUDE 01/14/2012,05/18/2013