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SSO between custom JNI agent and CA WebAgent R12.51 CR01

Question asked by souhei_kasai on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by souhei_kasai

Hello, experts.


I try to achieve SSO between Custom JNI Agent R12.51 CR01 and CA WenAgent R12.51 CR01.

before, I succeded it. SSO between custom agent and CA WebAgent worked well.

but, after changing our user directory.

This single sign on became not to work.

When we request the URL protected by CA WebAgent with SMSESSION generated by custom agent.

CA WebAgent does not accept custom SMSESSION with "Unable to process SMSESSION Cookie" log.


Of course, CA WebAgent's ACO has the parameter of "AcceptTPCookie=yes".


In addition, custom JNI agent succeded to decode SMSESSION from CA WebAgent.


Then, I have two questions as below.


     1. Is there any overlooked view-point related this issue?

     2.I think "AgentAPI.doManagement" method rolls AgentKey over. Is it correct?