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agent response read wait time

Question asked by shimaneks on Jun 8, 2015
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i was on the R12 sprint review and they were demonstrating something in Topology, on dseries manager - Server Shared Parameters - under Interanal.   I noticed something else in there the *Maximum agent response read wait time (milliseconds)" set to 60000.

What is this parameter for?


We have been experiencing several jobs (unix, db stored procedures) failing with "Socet read timed out" error.  At least 1x per day we get a cluster (5-30 jobs) of jobs failing within 1-3 minutes, many jobs run good during this period too.  we wait a few minutes and resubmit the job run fine.   Just wondering if changing this parameter would help our issues.  I tried to look at help but I am not finding help info for that parameter.  we have had a group of people looking into this issue for several weeks now, we didn't believe it was a dseries issue but once i saw this parmeters i was wondering what i was.