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Question asked by alexandre_costa91 on Jun 9, 2015
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Right now i monitor, through net_connect probe in a robot, the availability of many servers.


On my dashboard i've circules that i set up with the alarm data source that says, if anything is wrong with the server, the circule change his color, through alarm generated.


Imagine the situation below:

I monitor may servers, and during the night, one server restarts for some reason, and, because i dont have the permission to view the alarm windows, i dont know if happens anything or not.


So, i want to include, on my dashboard, all the history of availability of all the servers that i monitor through net_connect probe.


I try through listdesigner but i can't create the history that i want.


Any suggestion?


UIM -  v8.1

UMP - v.8.1


Thanks a lot,