CA Security Tuesday Tip: Privileged Identity Manager - status / stop / start jboss services with PIM 12.9

Discussion created by gouch01 Employee on Jun 9, 2015

With Privileged Identity Manager 12.9 Enterprise Manager server on linux, this is to demonstrate how to query, stop, start jboss services.



.Jboss status services
# service jbossd status
jbossd (pid 3299) is running


.To stop Jboss services
# service jbossd stop
Stopping jbossd ...
jbossd stop/waiting
# service jbossd status
jbossd is not running


.To start Jboss services

# service jbossd start
Starting jbossd ...
jbossd start/running, process 12765
# service jbossd status
jbossd (pid 12765) is running


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