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CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Identify resource management permissions.

Question asked by Antonio_Arenas Employee on Jun 9, 2015

Many companies do requisitions in different ways.


At some companies the people that perform hard-booking of resources are the Resource Managers rather than the Project Managers.


If we look for the permission in order to do hard-booking we have the following access rights.


Resource Management        Resource - View - All

Resource - Hard Book All

Resource - Soft Book All

Resource - Update Skills - All

Project - Create/Edit Requisitions - All

Project - Attach Requisitions Entry Resources - All

Project - View Requisitions - All


This info is obtained from the Access Rights Reference Guide, from <>


Now when you add these permissions and try to book a resource, it will show the following error.


Tuesday TIP.png


As the error indicates show there are missing access rights and this access is:


Project - View Management - All


This permission allows user to view the general and management properties and processes on all Projects which have been enabled for management.


So in addition to the Hard Book rights the resource manager also needs to have access to see project Management information in order to book a resource.