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PHP Agent instance name

Question asked by LutzM Champion on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by LutzM

Hi all folks,

we start using the new PHP Agent for PHP 5.4 in some test environments for testing/evaluating purpose.

In general the PHP Agent works like suggested, nice to see.

But we are starting several instances of one apache enviroment on our Linux systems and I don't know how to specify a unique name for the PHP Agents.


You can specify something like this only, = {program}

but the Apache program is the same all the time, we are using different httpd.conf files only for each instance.



is the name used by the collector only.


Today I get a name like


+ Collector

  + SI00E.pc.as97246

+ php

  + /usd/as97246a/soft/apache-3.10.0/httpd/bin/httpd

all the time. But the httpd program path is not a unique/useful name.


Does someone know how to specify the PHP Agent names?


Bye, Lutz