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Regarding CA directory server extended schema/advance authentication

Question asked by JagadeeshKalle4451357 on Jun 9, 2015
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CA Directory server in our environment is configured as Hierarchical. There are set of

application specific attributes wihich needs to be added on to schema. As a best practice i don't

want to add application specific attributes to current schema. I know there are two ways to do.

Option 1 : creating objectclass with those specific attributes and assign it to user

Option 2 : creating extended schema(creating another instance with new schema with ONLY

application specific attributes).

My questions are

(1) As my setup is hierarchical, which opition would best and why?

(2) With hierarchical structure, implementing extending would work?

(3) If i implement option 2, how data will be fetched from extended schema and what would be the

common attribute between these two schemas.