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CA SDM Change Calendar Script Error

Question asked by mroy2.2 on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by mroy2.2

We've encountered an odd issue with our change calendar, and I cannot put my finger on exactly what is causing the issue. It appears as though there's an issue with the script that generates the calendar view.


  • Leaving it with the default date it populates on load (May 31st to July 4th) it simple sits waiting, the hourglass spinning away merrily in the top corner.
  • If I select List view, it displays without issue without modifying the filter.
  • However, If I shorten the date window to start June 8th, leaving the end date of July 4th, it displays the calendar normally...

Note: This is occurring in CA SDM 12.7


While attempting to troubleshoot the issue I found the following in the console log:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'count' of undefined

createCalendarCellsArray @ schedule.js:3071

buildNdayCalendar @ schedule.js:1998

ndayViewButton @ schedule.js:1269

setupSchedule @ schedule.js:1181

onload @ pdmweb.exe?SID=2039845639&FID=311530907&OP=SEARCH_RETURN_ALL&FACTORY=chg&HTMPL=list_chgsched.htmpl&…:600

find_build_menubar_onload @ std_head.js:5207

searchFilterOnload @ std_list.js:418

DrawGrid_onload @ std_list.js:5314

do_this_onload @ std_head.js:15854


  • We do have small customizations to the list_chgsched.htmpl file, to adjust the color scheme. Beyond that no other modifications have been made to any of the files around the change calendar specifically.
  • We have recently done some minor updates to our change process, which resulted in some additional statuses being added.
    • These were all tested in our Dev environment without issue. And Change calendar is not displaying the same behavior in Dev.



Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Or would anyone have any recommendations on what to verify, or what may be contributing?