Simon Cockayne moving on from Plex/2E products.

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Dear Plex/2E community,


As you many of you know, I have been splitting my time between Plex and 2E and CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) for some time now.


Moving forward I will be focussed solely on ASO.


Therefore, though it feels strange to write these words…I will no longer be the Product Owner for CA Plex or CA 2E. Moreover, I will no longer have any direct responsibility for CA Plex or CA 2E.


I will be handing the reigns over to Dan Short. Dan has been the Product Manager for Plex/2E for good while now, so no change there.


Important: For all Plex/2E Product Management related questions, please contact Dan: (


Note: You may, quite rightly, ask why I didn’t announce this at the Plex/2E conference last week. The truth is, the decision had not been finalized/communicated until after the conference, and it would have been irresponsible of me to discuss a reorganization that was still in flux. Worry not, I have shared the feedback from the conference and the potential actions to the folks in the Plex/2E teams and management.



It feels super strange, in fact, to be moving on. I began working on the CA 2E development team in 1997, back in the Synon days. About six years ago I moved to be ScrumMaster/PO for CA 2E and in the past couple of years I have been the Product Owner for CA 2E and CA Plex.


It’s been both challenging and rewarding. I’ve worked with a lot of super folks. We’ve worked on a lot of interesting technology and moved the products forward a lot, I think; Both in what we build and how we build.



I am tremendously grateful to all those who have offered support, to me and the community, over the years; waaaaaaaay too many to name individually.



My overarching memories though, will be a lot of laughs, with a lot of super friendly folks. I am, genuinely, very grateful for that.


That said, I am not going far :-) As outlined in the Plex/2E conference, the AppDev Strategy hopes to bring the promise of API-based development to CA customers, and that includes Plex and 2E customers. I find solace in the hope that I will continue to work with many of you, going forward.


If you are interested in taking part in the agile collaboration for CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) you can register here:


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That’s all folks :-)


Cheers for now,




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