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Jaspersoft reports - any alternative filter option for hierarchical lookups?

Question asked by Knut_H on Jun 12, 2015
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We have just started to look at the new Jaspersoft reports in Clarity 14.2.


As far as I can see most of the standard Clarity reports we know from version 13 are available in Jaspersoft.


Looking at the options for filtering the reports, I get a bit worried. Our Department OBS has aprox 1.500 units.  In the Jaspersoft filter options this is displayed as a "flat" list. Yes, I can search, but browsing the hiearchy does not seem to be as intuitive as it used to in version 13.  Another issue I see, is that I can not define if the filter on OBS should be "unit only" or "unit and descendants" as we are used to in version 13.


Anyone that know if there are alternative options on how to configure the OBS-filter in Jaspersoft? 


Any tips/hints on how to effeciently navigate a big hierarchical lookup in the Jaspersoft filter?


Thanks for sharing


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